for the past six years our focus has been fresh food, outstanding service and constant improvement. Our commitment to these three things is why our customers continue to come back. Food is not just our business, it is our passion. We take pride in every dish that is sent out of our kitchen.


We are our own biggest critics, as brothers and business partners we are constantly challenging each other to be better in every aspect of our restaurant. From bar offerings to new kitchen items, service in the dining room and everything in between, We are always striving to create a new and unique experience for our clients. We believe you deserve better and we hope it shows every time you spend an evening with us.


We believe it’s our duty to serve our community as much as possible, creating a healthy and safe place for our neighbors to enjoy is something we take pride in, we also support local charity events such as;

The Buffalo Subaru Chase which benefits, The E.C.M.C. Foundation and The P.A.L., another charity we proudly support is Bunkers in Baghdad which collects and sends new and used golf balls, clubs and equipment to our troops around the world. Bunkers also supplies golf equipment to Wounded Warriors Programs around the country, to donate please go to